A GREAT BRAVO to Masami NAKAJIMA for his time spent to pick up, organize, account... Congratulations for his perseverance, his indefectibility, and the great care he brings to it.


What a success! 38 participants, 105 votes, 240 opinions.


Thanks to him, and to the clearness of the presentation of the results, I have done some statistics on the vote of  web viewers. Among the pollers, there are two groups: those who have polled for only one photograph, and those who have polled for several photographs. I have named them the "mono" and the "multi".

On the 105 votes, there are 79 mono and 26 multi.
The 79 mono have expressed 79 opinions over 10 pictures.
The 25 multi have expressed 161 opinions over 35 pictures


It is also interesting to continue such statistic on the vote of JKPA members which lies on 24 first photographs of the vote of web viewers. Each member could elect 8 photographs. On the 26 votes, there are:
24 votes with 8 opinions
1 vote with 7 opinions,
1 vote with 5 opinions
This is a total of 205 opinions; poll comparable in several points to the poll multi.
The 79 opinions mono are shared out as:
43 for the picture n°2
22 for the picture n° 15
4 for the picture n° 30
3 for the picture n°5
2 for the picture n° 18
1 for the other five pictures, n° 4, 12,14,19 et 31
The 161 opinions multi are shared out as:
14 for the picture n° 18
14 for the picture n° 36
12 for the picture n° 31
10 for the picture n° 5
8 for the pictures n° 2, 3, 7, 19, 34
6 for the picture n° 26
5 for the pictures n°14, 20,
4 for the pictures n°9, 22, 25, 35
3 for the pictures n° 8, 12, 13, 15, 16, 32, 33
2 for the pictures n°1, 10, 11, 23, 28, 30,
1 for the pictures n° 4, 6, 21, 24, 29, 38
There is statistic incoherence on these results:
The photograph n° 2 get 43 mono, but only 8 multi. In the votes multi, four photographs overtake it, and four others are equal. On these eight photographs, four get in total only 7 opinions mono, and none for the remaining four. So, the n° 36 with 14 opinions multi has no opinion mono.
The photograph n° 15 get 22 mono, but only 3 multi. In the votes multi, 14 photographs overtake it, and six others are equal.


The breakdown of the results of JKPA's poll is:
18 for the pictures n°2, 5, 18
15 for the picture n° 26
14 for the pictures n° 14, 19
13 for the pictures n° 31,36
12 for the picture n° 25
9 for the picture n° 3
8 for the pictures n° 7, 9, 34
7 for the picture n° 22
6 for the pictures n° 20,32
4 for the pictures n° 8, 34
3 for the pictures n° 12, 15
2 for the picture n° 35
1 for the pictures n° 16, 33
Some interesting and coherent findings:
The first ten ranked pictures in JKPA' s poll obtain 126 opinions out of 205 for the 24 photograph put forward, and the first ten ranked pictures in multi obtained 96 opinions out of 216 for the 38 photographs of the contest; which is homogeneous.
Besides, the photograph n°15 ranked 17th in multi, is here ranked 19th, which is concordant..
The first ten ranked in multi are the photographs n° 2, 3, 5, 7, 18, 19, 26, 31, 34, 36 and the first ten ranked in JKPA 's poll are the n° 2, 3, 5, 14, 18, 19, 25, 26, 31, 36. The photographs n° 7 and 34 which are not part in this last list, were ranked 11th ex-aequo in multi, whilst the photographs n° 14 and 25 which are now set, were ranked 11th and 13th respectively in multi.
All this is very coherent.
For the interested ones: the picture n° 20 has obtained:
 no vote mono;
5 opinions multi;
6 opinions JKPA;
end to the 16th rank,
and not having elected myself, I sincerely thank you all!


At the end:
The photographs heading the final result are excellent all of them, and are really the best ones shown in this contest.
It is nice to have many friends and supporters, and it is necessary to bring their interest to this contest in a way such that the spirit of friendship , heartiness and sharing which lives among kapers be fully found in this game, and keep the sincerety that  the organizer and each participant are due to expect for a sound emulation and again more excellence!