The incident occurred on Tuesday 14th of September 2004, on the field of the kite international festival of Dieppe, in the mid-afternoon while I was kaping since almost an hour, walking around on the field.
The rig was tied at about fifty meters under the Waco of 3m. The wind south-west, force 4, was blowing from the sea, and varying 4 to 7 m/s. I had a polyester line 90Kg resistance for a kite pull of 3 to 6 Kg, and a 1 Kg rig. On my left, at some twenty meters, kiters from Sardinia were flying instable kites, with about 30m lines. Having to change batteries, I went away from them, to tie the line with a gamma hook on the fence, and the rig set down to 15/20 m line length from the hook. By lowering the line, I change the batteries, and I get the rig up again. I checked the functions, and I was ready to untie the line from the hook. At this time, I saw the kite of the Sardinian man diving over my rig. With no time to untie, I lower the line. The diving kite continued on its way, its line overlap mine just under the rig. The Sardinian man, instead to release its line clearly, was pulling his line, the dive of his kite accelerating as a fighter, and, in a glance, my line was cut. Dumbfounded I was!
The rig is brought away by the kite, go touch the façade of a building, between the 1st and 2nd floor. it stayed a few seconds stuck under the side of a balcony, but the kite regain height and pull, and the rig start to glide up on the wall, between the balconies and the downspout. The top reached, it disappears on the roof, and I see the kite flying away.
I run in the adjoining streets, and try to locate the line. My run ends on the harbor. The kite is in the water, between the pontoons. Nobody is injured. I got back the line and the Waco. A part of the pendulum bar is still there, but nothing else. Is the cradle fallen in the water? Questioning witnesses, they state that there was nothing else on the line when arriving there.
Some time later, a roofer who was working on a building undergoing renovation, confirms he saw the kite falling down, then the kite recovering height a while, and at the end falling again. For a few meters, he could have catch the line! He heard a noise meanwhile, but the moment during the fall was not sure.


I have been able to go on the heights, and look where the Waco have been flying over, and go in the courtyards accessible from the streets.
I have asked the locals, I have posted searching advises, I took aerial photos of the roofs with another equipment, trying to check if the cradle was not staying somewhere. A caretaker also verified a possible place on a roof. The cradle has not been founded.
Then, the man from Sardinia hardly accepted to discuss about. I well understood that this was not his problem. Of course, he didn't helped to find out the equipment; of course he doesn't have insurance coverage. The festival organization has no insurance coverage either for material damage caused by their welcomed visitors! I have the right to claim to make good the damage, whatever the perpetrator or the liable body corporate are insured or not. It is their problem, not mine. No amicable arrangement has been offered to me; probably I should have lodged a complaint to get a compensation? The cradle with the digital camera and the electronic devices constitute the amount of 700 euros.
What is incomprehensible is that it is required to the French kiters a coverage through the insurance of their club affiliation, but nothing to the foreign kiters; those invited should be covered by the organization, and other should assess their liability and insurance coverage. Some visitors have got their parked car damaged (roof smashed into) by the fall of a huge kite of a foreign kiter who denied liability and they could not even draw an insurance report!
For pity's sake, executive chiefs of festivals, do not make unsound savings on insurance costs, or assume your liability! Do not invite people who may built nice design, but are wretched kiters, unable to adjust a kite, or to design it as such, and ignorant of the basic principles of flying together. Do not invite neither, and do not accept on the field these churls who don't care of others, and don't face their liabilities
That day, Fausto Marrocu was one of these.
We should never forget that let occurring material incidents will statistically end with body damages.