Book 16x22,5 cm, hard cover.
Published in 1908, giving the photographic news of 1907.
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  Annuaire de photographie 1908
A paper in French by Emile Wenz
In this work of  250 pages is in the section "Variétés" a comprehensive paper written by par Emile Wenz and plenty illustrated with figures and pictures.  
Within 21 pages E. Wenz starts with an historical account; next he handles the captive balloon and the kite. Then he develops the kite and continues on the photographic chambers and then the types of suspensions. In the following paragraphs the differences with the to-day techniques are sometimes very significant, for example on the shutter. Some can surprise us, as the cone-anchor.
This is the story of the development and of the techniques used during the first twenty years of kite aerial photography.  There are some ideas to pick-up.
Probably, in this period, Emile Wenz with A.Batut and Delcourt were the most experimented and the most advanced. To make photogrammetry, at that times called metrophotography, he co-operated with A. Laussédat (died the previous year) and he perfected a 18x24cm chamber with 71° and 48° angles of field depending on the lenses. His photographs have been taken again by J. Th. Saconney.
Him and A. Batut have adjusted stereoscopic rigs.
It must be remarked that E. Wenz was not only a keen photograph passionately interested in photographic technique. It must be noticed his artistic feeling, for example the contre-jour on the sea and the waves at the Sables d'Olonne.
This paper is exceptional, for a long time ignored because too difficult to find in a cosmopolitan work, is one of the most important historic document for the story of kite aerial photography.