1.  Monopod

In 1984 I found a 2,3m telescopic monopod in aluminum more effective than holding the camera with hands up or than lifting the camera with the tripod. On top of the pod, the camera is sitting on a small tripod head. With hands up, it reaches 4m elevation.



 With the electric shutter of the Olympus OM2 camera motor drive I managed to fire with an extension cord. Otherwise, each picture was shot with the camera timer. Then I also started to set electric plugs on P&S cameras.

This monopod is still used regularly.

2. First long pole

 In 1998 I bought my first carbon pole. With its 6m length and my method to carry it, photographs were shot at 6,8m elevation. A cradle was sitting at its top. On it there was the film camera with electric remote shutter release, and a B&W video camera.

In 1999 I shot with it at Berck festival and it surprised many people. It has been reported in the NCB magazine n°98 of May-August 1999 pages 24 and 38. I then sent a picture shot at Berk which was published in the NCB magazine n° 101 January-February 2000 page 29.

It is the same one I used at FLiBB 2000 for shooting some pics of the conference Center.

I shortly understood that it was necessary to have a motorized tilt instead of the manual one, and I set it with a new cradle.

3. Long Pole

I crashed a section of my first pole when rescuing another kite on a roof. I purchased a 8m long pole and used the lower section of my first pole. The camera elevation now went up to 8,5m.

The cradle got some modifications, being able to welcome a film and a digital camera, or the two stereoscopic film cameras. A device for shooting portrait frames could also be added.

The cradle have been re-designed only for sitting new cameras, and with in-built setting landscape/portrait frames without additional device.

4. More than 10m

Another damage to the pole forced me to buy a new one, and prices being not too expensive, it has been a 9,5 m pole. I got a new elevation of 9,5m, still using the bottom section of my first pole.

However, I found that the wall thickness of the sections of this new pole is thinner and the longer length result in more flexibility. I sometimes have 600g at the top, including cradle, camera and accessories. It is also more fragile, and it got some damage that I repaired. Its lower section is 1,6m long, which is less convenient than the previous ones about 1,4m because it doesn't fit across at the back of my car.

Now, I found a 11m pole, which is 1,5m package length, has 9,4m length when assembly up to top section cut at Ø8mm internal diameter. This now set the camera at 10,6 m.


 FLiBB 2000

Dieppe 2006
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