Small damage at one end of a section
This damage is usually a small crack.
If not too long and lips of the crack are closely fit some drops of cyanoacrylate adhesive is sufficient. However a reinforcement is necessary for preventing another failure.
If the damage is bigger as shown on the picture, a repair with epoxy compound is necessary. Put some tape to maintain the paste and then file to shape when hardening is complete.
 Crash of a section
If not too long, a crash is repaired with reinforcement.
The reinforcement is done with a part cut from another pole of similar section. A fiberglass part can be used. If no spare part can be found, buy a smaller and cheaper fiberglass pole from which the relevant part could be cut.
For defining the place to cut the reinforcement a slide caliper is necessary to measure precisely the thickness and the diameters. Then the place to cut is calculated.
Let the length of the reinforcement extent 3 times the diameter over the crash area.
Remove external varnish by sandpaper. Degrease surfaces.
Paste the pole and insert the reinforcement part. Turn smoothly when inserting in the pasted area. Push until there is a close contact. Remove paste in excess. Tape each end of the reinforcement.
When harden, remove the tape and file smoothly each end of the reinforcement.
Note that some long poles trademarks can supply spare sections.
Be aware that because of the reinforcement the sections may not nest anymore.
Cut a part
Tape each place before cutting.
Use a saw with small teeth. Run all around when sawing.
File smoothly after cutting.
Be careful with tiny fibers that pricks in fingers.