This holder is total simplicity as much to make than to use.
In fact it is designed to be set on the fishing rods where it is strongly fitted on.



 It has several tilt position. It is unbreakable and light, a few ten grams only.
To make it you have to save a small plastic bottle, flat shaped, with the bottom about 3 x 6 cm. .
Draw the outline similar to the one on the picture with at least 10 cm on one side and 3 cm on the other. Cut this shape.
Punch first the hole to fix the camera.
Set the camera and look at the space taken by the camera and the screw. Draw that and remove the camera.
.Punch the lower hole. Insert the rod and check what will be the less tilted angle. Punch that hole also.
Punch a hole on the smaller side of the holder.  drawing the rod through it, check what shall be the more tilted. Draw that hole and complete with other holes for intermediate tilt.

 Nota: I use hot wire to draw the holes. You may miss on the first holder but making other one will give you a finest holder. You may try the hot wire method on the scrap part of the plastic bottle.