Once there is a pole available, even a medium one, just for try, the first question is "how to seat the camera?"
Here is the answer with a simple, easy to make, effective support.
Let aside the tip of the pole and set this support on the upper section of the pole.
U shape
Aluminum plate; 1.5 mm thickness; 20mm width at least; length 160mm.
L shape
Aluminum plate; 1.5 mm thickness; 50mm width; length 80mm.
Vinyl or PVC; Ø8-Ø12 x 1.5mm or Ø10-Ø14 x 1.5mm or Ø5/16-Ø7/16 x 1/16 or Ø3/8-Ø1/2 x 1/16
note: Ø inner hole-Ø mounting hole x plate thickness
2 camera screws
or 1 camera screw and one set of bolt and nut
  Make the support
U shape
- Drill mounting holes 15mm of each end
- Bend 90° each end at 30mm or more
- drill hole Ø6,5 mm for L shape at 30mm from top
- drill hole Ø6,5 mm for camera screw
- mount the grommets
L shape
- Bend 90° middle of 80mm length parallel to 50mm width
- cut 20x40mm on one side
- drill hole in the center of 30x40mm side for the camera
- drill hole Ø5.5mm in the corner opposite to the 30x40mm side at 10mm of each edge and tap it to 1/4".