Set a support as high as possible on a long photo-pole and have a load on it needs to have the load fitted on the tip of the carbon pole. It means  a good co-axial sitting on this end.
This co-axial support lead to this aim.
It is manually operated for positioning the camera..
It has two main parts:
- the connecting tube
- the saddle
 A thick rubber joint in compression between the saddle and the tube let change easily the inclination of the camera.
Co-axial connecting tube
It is an aluminium tube Ø 12-10 x 1 mm. It fits coaxially either:
   - on the conic end of a rod Ø 9 mm
   - inside an aluminum tube Ø 16 mm


Making of the connecting tube:
See the page other parts
The saddle provides all orientations of the camera, tilt inclination and format of the picture as landscape or portrait. It is made with a simple L shape or with parts assembly depending on what is expected.
The saddle tilts on the aluminum tube with an horizontal axis. The tube Ø 12mm must be reinforced there so it doesn't becomes flat during locking the screw.
A small tripod head could be used but the work to adapt it will be about the same and in my opinion it is not as easy to use for fine settings of tilt.