Photography with a pole is not real aerial one, even if it is so often classified as such. But in fact it is merely elevation photography.
 There are many ways to shot pictures elevated over ground as climb on a ladder or be on stilts. My way is the use of a photo-pole. It is a long fishing rod or a pole, topped by a camera, with which I walk around.

support              cradle


These pages describes the result of thousands shots and continuous improvements of the technique and of  the equipment of the photo-pole since more than 10 years.
The support is easy to make and to use. The tilt is preset when starting.
The cradle is powered and controlled.
The page "Higher" describes how I started from 2m with hands up to above 10m with the long pole.
  The page "first steps" is the previous and only page about pole photography that was published on this site since August 2003 until 2009 . I have added the picture published in the NCB magazine in Jan-Feb. 2000.

 Here is described the technique I use. Of course there are some others. The photo-pole let the photograph the freedom to move and go where he wants to. There is the full control of the image shot through the eyelet vision, adjusting the camera tilt, the zoom and triggering the shutter.


Pole photography needs some knowledge of this technique, some tricks for the preparation of the accessories like the remote triggering the camera, the tilting device, the viewer, the belt holder and the assembly of the photo-pole

Enjoy the discovery of these pages!

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