WHY ?

Nowadays, we all use P&S cameras, as well in film than in digital photography. These cameras are very useful, light, small, always ready to work. Unfortunately, to put a flash in a so small volume, the makers have reduced a lot the flash, in size as well than in power. The pictures taken with such flash are poor in quality, especially as soon as they are done in some large rooms.

In these conditions, I personally consider that an additional flash is always necessary.


Get a flash equipment, even with medium range power, guide number 14, or more, with as much as possible, a large deflector.
Buy a flash triggering device. I have several brands, and I have not seen big differences between them when normally used.
Install on a bar: the camera, the triggering device, and the flash.
Link if necessary the device and the additional flash.
Set the additional flash on the auto mode, on same sensitivity than the camera.
Release! : when the light of the camera flash will burst out, it will trigger the additional.



On the photography here, a HAMA device, "Synchromat 6967" has a thread for fixing purpose, and a flash shoe.

It can be found on the second-hand market, some additional flashes of good quality. In my collection, there is one which has a slave mode: no need of the triggering device: it's all built in.