All these pages and the chapters of this site are there to guide your first steps, or to give you  the means to do better when understanding more.

Opposite, the specialized chapters:
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Nice trip!


  The stereophotography, or 3D, to go out the common way, simple, easy, and amazing.
The Kite Aerial Photography, Kap in short, if you didn't know, you will take off!

Pole, all a concept on another way to shot pictures quite blowing away.

Some pages to go with ease through the concepts and the fundamentals of photography.
Sharpness easy concepts on acuity, resolution, circle of confusion...
Sharpness + to learn more on acuity, resolution, circle of confusion, resolving power...
Digital cameras, to finally know all which we should know, but which nobody tell us.



 Applications of the circle of confusion: move of the camera, movement of the subject, depth of field, enlargement, digital printing.
Angle of field to compare the lenses of different types, film  or digital cameras.

And a small hold-all very useful...

Flash plus, or how to put an additional flash on a camera which flash is weak.