There is no standard connection for equipment remote control or for video links. However, the manufaturers have their own practices and the kapers too. These connections are shown as information only.

Warning: It is mandatory to always check in manuals these connections and to verify the functions; never input an electric tension in the shutter triggerring circuits. Be suspicious with new equipments with multiplexed commands, where a variation of impedance will action other functions.









COM:  common
OBT:  shutter release
MAP: exposure and focus metering

Cinch plug, the signal is either video, either audio. By convention, a yellow ring indicates a video signal, and white, red, or black ones are for audio.


This plug is found on Pentax SLR. It is a stereo plug Ø2,5mm.

jack mono, usually Ø3.5mm for video output on some digital cameras.


bar 2.54mm step

Olivier Humez uses this scheme for the shutter release plug; connecting map and obt on the cord, the plug is symmetrical, and datum is unnecessary.

jack called "stereo" usually Ø3.5mm for video output on some digital cameras, camcorders, or input on digital screens.


This plug is found on Minolta cameras, the step of the pins is 2mm.


 jack Ø3.5mm with 4 connections 1&4 for audio left & right, 2 for video,  3 for ground, on some digital cameras and camcorders..



 This plug is found on Canon equipments.