Here below some examples of possible direct switches to replace the radio-command joysticks. It is possible to choose the release position as stick down, neutral, or up.

The push-button control has the same effect as a joystick up or down. Warning: don't push the two buttons simultaneously.

The two steps control with switches is also giving the equivalent of the joystick positions up or down. However, these commands are maintained full time.

The staggered control with switches allows to simulate shifted positions of the joystick, but the sequence is fifferent from the previous cases.

With the staggered switches, it is easy to replace the given values of resistance by variable ones of 5.2K and to finely adjust each one as needed.

With the 2 steps and the push-button switches, a pair of resistance can be replaced by a variable one of 2.7K, and joystick positions "down" and "up" can be adjusted precisely as needed.



2    STEPS