This cradle has been created in July 2002.Later, during spring 2003, I have extensively simplify its construction while the same functions were kept, and it ends to the rig named "goldcrest". Now, this page has only anecdotal interest, and I recommend that you built the goldcrest rig than this one!.



  This entirely adjustable cradle let monitoring manually all orientations and any frame. It is usable for several cameras. Notice on the platform, the two holes to fix two cameras: Olympus Epic and Olympus Infinity XB.
See the complete rig on the page sparrow in the rig chapter.
The stem Ø7mm of the pendulum comes nesting on the pin A. See the page rotation to understand the mounting arrangement. The nut B when screwed upwards on the socket Ø6mm will tight the pin A..
The double articulation between parts C, D, E lets free to reset the center of gravity of the camera in line with the vertical line of the suspension, after any modification of tilt or frame, or after a change of camera.
On the platform G the blue part F is a piece of synthetic foam to wedge the camera.
The platform is rotating on the yoke E. a rubber joint Ø15mm compressed by clamping let turn the camera without to loosen anything (useful to adjust the offset angle of the pendulum when wind is enough strong).
  • C: stirrup 15x15mm, 10mm width in aluminum 1.5mm
  • D: aluminum U shape14x8mm, 1.5mm thick, 80mm long.
  • E: yoke 15x20mm, 15mm width, 0.8mm thick folded plate, in titanium alloy TA6V.
  • F: synthetic foam to wedge the camera
  • G: 0.8mm thick folded plate, in titanium alloy TA6V, 110mmlong, 40mm width, 45mm high. 
All the nuts are secured with stopping device.