This is a really simple, universal, and light cradle.

It suits to any P&S camera; it is designed to hold 500g.

The whole suspension and cradle weights less than 70g.

 The materials indicated are commonly sold materials, and gives a low fabrication cost for a group. Other re-used materials are possible, of course.

Parts list
  • A stainless steel rod, or titan Ø2.4mm Lenght 250mm
  • B reinforced plastic bar , Ø 10-6mm Lenght 50mm
  • C aluminum tube Ø6x1mm Lenght 470mm
  • D aluminium U shape 8/8/8x1mm Lenght 100mm
  • E aluminum tube Ø6x1mm Lenght 30mm
  • F aluminum L shape 40x40x1.5mm Lenght 110mm
  • G bolts Ø3mm Lg 15mm and wing-nuts


Mounting the suspension:

The tube B is drilled at 45° askew Ø 2mm.
The rod A is inserted in the hole, and bended at each end.
The top end of the tube C is slipped forward 15mm in the plastic tube. It must go by force. If it was not holding properly, slightly increase its diameter. Usually, the aluminum tubes are 6.2mm, which goes well.
This end is used for the rotation of the craddle, so there is no other clamping. I have tested 15mm fitted pipes and they hold up to 11kg, which is enough safe for lifting 500g or less.
Test the length of the nesting and the force necessary to extract it for each case of stem and tube. Normally, to extract the stem, it must be pushed on the fitted end of  the tube and not pull it on the free end.
The red tape is there to verify that the pipe and the tube are correctly fitted.

After each use, unfit the stem and the tube to avoid that the tube takes the shape of the stem and loose its tightening efficiency.


Mounting the cradle:

The tube C is drilled Ø 3 at its lower end.
At each end, the shape D is notched and drilled Ø3mm. A craftiness is to drill first Ø2.5mm, and to tap Ø3 one side, then to drill Ø3mm the other side. Thus, the bolt Ø3 will be screwed on the tapped side, and locked. On the other side, a wing-nut will let tighten. Put a drop of glue to avoid to lost the nut..
The step part E is drilled with two holes set perpendiculary.
The part is cut to save weight. The holes Ø6.5mm to mount the cameras are determined for each one. (on the picture, for Olympus epic, stylus, AF10 mini, andt AF10XB)