The cradle is the part of the rig which contains the camera or the camcorder. It usually contains also the receiver of the radio-remote system, the video camera, the video transmitter, the batteries. it is hung under the suspension, pendulum or picavet. It has to spin the camera in any desired position.

It is adjusted to the camera it contains. So, there is a large variety of cradles, materials, designs. We could say that there are almost as many of them than of kapers. Free play to imagination, and do-it-yourself tricks.

It can be quickly a very complex thing. This is why it is preferred to start with a simple cradle , which will be always useful for a long time; sometimes to replace one, more sophisticated but out of work.


  Whatever is the type of construction chosen, it is mandatory that the positioning movements of the camera platform doesn't shift the center of gravity. It must always start by determining precisely the location of the center of gravity of the camera.
Then, it is easier to begin to fabricate the camera platform, and to make the cradle around it.