The video output of the camera is connected directly to the input of the video transmitter.

When connected, the camera screen is automatically off, saving battery life.


For digital  camera Kyocera , or Yashica Micro Elite, also called Finecam3.
Radio remote control operations:
pan, tilt.
shutter release.
Stop/start of camera.
Video link.
The craddle itself weights 500g.
The total weight of the rig is 900g with the suspension, the craddle, the kyocera, and video.
The suspension comprises the holding bar, the pendulum, the stabilizing bow.
The craddle comprises the hoop, the camera, the radio unit.
Originally, this craddle was built in 1999 for the Leica minilux. Because this one was not so suitable for kap, I wasn't using it anymore, so I modified it to adapt it to the Kyocera which size and weight are less. Hesitating to connect an electric shutter release, a linear servo-motor was installed ( red box), allowing both functions, start/stop of camera and shutter.
Because of this I used directly another way on the 4 ways radio remote control, easier than to modify the radio receiver unit with the multi-contactor. This later still actionning pan, tilt, and frame..
Tilt and frame are moved with cog-wheels. Pan has a motor of camcorder zoom.
15 seconds video sequences can be taken. Selection must be done before to let go up the camera.