This rig has been made in July 2002 to bring in Japan for a summer vacation travel. I wished a light rig for Olympus Stylus Epic and Olympus AF10XB, with electric radio remote release, able to get manually all positions and any frame.
The holding bar and the craddle have been entirely reconsidered compared to my previous constructions, and it lead up to new designs with simpler construction.
 The holding bar is extremely simple, but very practical and safe. Some turns of the line on one side, and some more on the other are sufficient. For more details, have a look to the page light suspension in the chapter suspensions.
The stabilizing bow, not shown on the picture, is the one described in the chapter suspensions.
The craddle has a double articulation for tilt This guile allows to avoid the mandatory articulation point with some hoop at camera mid-hight for tilting. Thanks to it, the center of gravity of the camera is easily replaced in the vertical line of the pendulum for any spin, frame position, or different camera.
The total weight with stabilizing bow, 36 exposures film  and batteries is:
420g with Olympus Epic
460g with Olympus AF10XB
The radio-control receiver for shutter release and its battery are counting for 100g.
An accessory let mounting the receiver and its battery in the thwarping pendulum configuration. It adds 20g which is nothing compare to the increase of stability in irregular winds, weak or medium.
  Notice the black rubber around the camera to prevent it to rotate on the tripod screw.
  A small video-camera and a video emittor have been tried on this rig. For 150g more, it's great!
Go to light suspension and light cradle pages for more details