LARK-R : rig FZR



Look how the lower pendulum is balancing on the right, but not the camera part.


Fixed orientations .
Shutter release with radio remote control.
Thwarping pendulum.
Framing "landscape".
For Olympus Epic or µ1, Olympus Stylus or µ2, Olympus AF10XB, AF10 mini
The craddle of the FZT rig has on its lower horizontal bar an aluminum vertical tube 300mm long, which hold the radio receiver.
weight of receiver with its battery and support: 120g
Total weight of the rig: 480g
including suspension+ stabilizing bow+craddle+ Olympus AF10mini + radio receiver.
The radio remote control receiver "Cameramate" 40,695Mhz is mono-channel, and works on 9V battery type 6F22. Also for the transmitter which holds in the hand. The range is normally 60m, but I tested it until 250m
The Wacos and the Crico XXL easily bear this equipment. With the Crico XXL, I have sometimes been able to shot pictures at 30/50m height without any wind, pulling the kite. A very large area is necessary in this case.