LARK-T: rig  FZT




Fixed orientations .
Draw-cord shutter release.
Cadrage "paysage"
For Olympus Epic or µ1, Olympus Stylus or µ2, Olympus AF10XB, Olympus AF10 mini
Light rig for no-wind days.
Weight of craddle: 40g
Total weight of rig: 340g
with suspension and Olympus AF10 mini
Tilt and pan orientations are set on the ground. For a new one, the rig must be brought back.
The draw-cord release is not difficult to use.
It's easy, always ready to work.C'est simple, jamais en panne.
The elbow at the top of the stem of the pendulum is for counter-balance the shift of the craddle under wind action. Several settings are possible.