TIT : rig PMRV



During autumn 2001, the craddle was damaged . It has been re-built with a new hoop, and all accessories of the previous one.


Radio remote control operations:
pan, tilt.
shutter release.
Video link.
For Olympus AF10XB, Konica Hexar.
The craddle itself weights 340g.
The total weight of the rig is 1300g with the suspension, the craddle, the Konica Hexar, and video.
The suspension comprises the holding bar, the pendulum, the stabilizing bow.
The craddle comprises the hoop, the Konica, the radio unit.
Built early 2000, after the experience of a craddle with the Leica minilux; this later been found not well suitable for kap, I wished to have a multi-orientation craddle for the Konica Hexar. Being heavier, (490g), this type of craddle needed a better stiffness of the hoop.
Tilt and frame are mounted with cog-wheel system. The pan is actionned by a zoom camcorder motor.