Built in may 2002, it has been designed to be a light craddle, with all framing possibilities, getting advantage of low weight Olympus and its high optical quality.


Radio remote control operations:
pan, tilt.
shutter release.
Video link.
For Olympus Stylus, or µ2.
The craddle itself weights 320g.
The total weight of the rig is 750g with the suspension, the craddle, the Olympus, and video.
As the radio unit weights itself 160g (battery, receiver, one servo-motor with multi-contactor, one servo circuit ), I am thinking of another one with a mini-servo instead of a standard one. Then, using the light suspension, the total weight will be lower than 700g. 
Tit and frame are moved with cog-wheel. Pan and tit have motors recovered from camcorder zoom. The frame motor is a mini-servo without electronic.
For size reasons, the video camera is a C-MO, and is placed under the camera platform.