1 video transmitter
2 video camera
3 12V battery pack for video
4 radio remote control unit


Radio remote control of pan and tilt orientations.
Radio remote control of shutter release.
Video link.
Thwarping pendulum.
Frame "landscape".
For Olympus AF10XB, Olympus Stylus or µ1, Konica Hexar.
The craddle itself weights 190g.
The total weight of the rig is 1150g with the suspension, the craddle, the Konica Hexar, and video.
The suspension comprises the holding bar, the pendulum, the stabilizing bow.
The craddle comprises the hoop, the thwarping pendulum, the radio unit
The radio receiver unit is mounted at the bottom of the thwarping pendulum. This unit weights 180g, and the pendulum is also loaded with the 12V battery pack for the video.
This craddle was built in 1994, based on the experience of previous ones. The gear box for the pan looks old now.
At the beginning, the Konica Hexar camera was always mounted topside down, because it was easier for commands access on the top cover.
In 1999, I changed the direct servo-to-tilt system for a cog-wheel system. As now, it is easy to incline manually the camera to any position, the camera is now used normally standing.