The stereoscopic base is adjustable, depending on the distance to the subject and to the back-ground. The standard bar is : 250mm, 350mm, 450mm. This bar is easy to change for a longer one. 


Two connected Olympus Epic or µ1.
Radio remote control operations:
pan, tilt.
shutter release.
Video link.
Thwarting pendulum.
Frame "landscape" only.
The craddle itself weights 350g.
The total weight of the rig is 1100g with the suspension, the craddle, the two Olympus, and video.
The suspension comprises the holding bar, the pendulum, the stabilizing bow.
The craddle comprises the hoop, the thwarping pendulum, the radio unit
In 1997, the purchase of a second Olympus Epic, or µ1, put in concrete form my intentions to practice stereo-photography. The electric shutter release remote control eases the shooting.
In 1998, a cradle was born. It has been the first one with the cog-wheel system for the tilt.
The photographs are shot on slide film