Total weight of rig with camcorder & battery is:


  Since some years, I have made some records of images transmitted from a rig down to the ground using my camcorder, which is equipped with an analogic video input.These images were in B&W. Later, I installed a color camera on the rig, and I continued to record the transmitted images. Merely, the quality was low, and it only has been used by myself to the purpose of  research and comparisons of various systems. I envied the nice views of embarked camcorders.Mine being rather big, heavy and quite expansive, I never dare to hang it on the line.
At the start of this 2002 autumn, the purchase of a digital camcorder, not too big, not too heavy, and not too expensive, let me the access to real movie images.
The rig "sitta" which has been made for the Konica Hexar  in portrait frame only, has been quickly modified. It only needed to change the camera platform. This conversion fast done, a plug of the video circuit  was changed to be adapted to the camcorder. At the end, the same battery 12V is used to feed at the same time  the video transmitter 12V, and, with a voltage regulator, the camcorder, 6V.
The first scenes recorded by this camcorder were at some tenth meters in the international festival of Dieppe.