In these pages are some tips that I usually apply when making rigs and cradles. Each person has its own techniques, depending on his skill and its know-how.

The knacks described here are easy and efficient. They cover several techniques: mechanic, electric, electronic... What has been exhaustively already described by others is not repeated.

Tripod screw
A non metric screw specification, which one?
How to rivet several parts? A very safe technique.
Pan-rotation axle :
A simple and easy way to have the craddle running on its vertical axis.
How to get a tilt movement precise, and without upset
zoom function with a small servo-motor.


For cradles, suspensions, rigs assembly, see the relevant pages where is many useful informations.

All dimensions are given in millimeters.

 House bell
A radio-command mono channel, arranged from a cheap wireless house bell to release the shutter of a camera with electric triggering.
Get several functions with a 2 channels radio-remote control set; it is also a unique process useful with 3 and 4 channels equipment.
Switch control: replace the joystick by switches.
Make yourself a mini-plug is very easy!
RC switch
An accessory really useful and efficient for all those who wish to release the shutter electrically.