Over load
Stronger winds make more pull and can overload the kite ability to fly. I remember once in Dieppe festival when a sudden and extreme gust washed away all kites. My Calomil kite pulled so much that I couldn't resist until the wood frame broke.
When reaching the limits, a compensator on the bridle will decrease the pull and the kite keep flying.
  Kite behaviour
The kite pull increases as the wind is getting stronger. The pull is the resultant of the lift and the drag. In moderate winds, the lift increases more than the drag so the line angle is going greater. Then as the wind becomes more and more strong, the drag increases more than the lift, thus the kite is loosing altitude, the angle of the kite line is getting lower and the angle of attack of the kite increases. That brings more pull and it ends with over load on the kite

Compensator action

The compensator is set on the lower strand of the bridle. As the pull on the line increases, over its minimum threshold the compensator extends.




Now, the lower strand being longer, the angle of attack lessens. That  decreases the pull on the kite.


There are two kinds of compensator: the spring compensator and the bungee compensator.

The spring compensator is a little heavier, has fixed limits because of the spring, but lasts forever.

The bungee compensator is lighter, can be adjusted to the desired values and can have longer extension. However, the bungee shall be regularly replaced


Both compensators have minimum and maximum threshold.


A  spring Ø 6 mm
B  central aluminum tube Ø 4x1 mm
C  external aluminum tube Ø 8 x 1 mm
D  and S stops aluminum tube Ø6 x 1 mm
E  and  F rings in wire Ø 1,6 mm
G and H  screws

When mounted the spring is slightly compressed at the minimum stress.



A   line limiting maximum extension
B  internal stem for minimum extension
C1 and C2  two ends in aluminum tube
D  tube fitted in one C end.
E  tubular bungee
F  pin going through B and D
Paste D on B, insert in C2 and drill a small hole through it
Insert B inside C+E+C
Expand the bungee and fix the pin in the hole
Set and adjust the line A to the maximum expansion.