There are different kinds of scales, from the spring one to the digital one. These are usually more expensive. It can be found in shops such as fishing tackles, do-it-yourself centers, or farm equipment.

It must be emphasized that scales are providing useful information on the kites and are important for safety. It helps for better kiting.

35kg pull of a Sutton Flowform 30


12kg spring scale,  25kg and 100kg dial scales 

Knowing the pull of the kite will allow to select the most suitable line. The strength of the line is calculated by multiplying the maximum pull that the kite may hold during that kiting session by the safety factor as shown underneath:

  • when kiting with line no longer than 50 meters in a large field, factor is 3
  • when flying large kites or when kite could fall outside the field, or hanging windsocks, factor is 6
  • when kaping, or kiting and hanging lot of flags or windsocks, factor is 10