Each plan is available:

as GIF image file
size 20 to 60 ko
At each kite, click on the icon will show the plan in the current window.


Load all plans now
as .pdf file Acrobate Reader, for transfer, 30 to 60 ko each.
The pdf files are very easy to print on A4 size paper.
For loading:
At each kite, right click on the wheelbarrow, and select "save the link as". Then, you will decide in which directory you want to put the pdf file. By using a left click, the file would immediately open in Acrobat reader.
With left click on the hereabove icon, load all the plans at once as zip file, 151ko

No more ramin!

Until now, I always used ramin wood for the spines and for the masts. This wood is now impossible to find because of stopped sales due to over-taking of trees. However I have let ramin indicated as I have not yet checked other materials for these parts, ant it may change the behaviour of kites in some cases.
To know more on ramin: