For the moment, this page refers to kites I'm using for kap and to kites for kids. The kites for kap are efficient, and excellent pullers. They can easily be used to bear wind-socks, teddy-bears, and for throwing sweets.
When they are not used for pulling, a bridle adjustment slightly forward will lower a little bit the pull, and give a higher angle of line.
     For each kite, you may get the plan!
For each kite I show on the Beaufort scale the wind range for its best kap use.


The japanese carps, named Koï-no-bori, are grand aerial sceneries. The weight to lift is soon important: 1,2kg for a carp of 8m and 0,5kg for a carp of 5m.

Read the safety page!

The additions  to the kites are the tails, windsocks, and also the devices on the bridle.

There are also several pages giving details for tackles and accessories or describing kiting techniques or other general kiting concerns or description of publications. There are still more to come.


WARNING: The pulling forces here indicated are those met in normal conditions of use. The extreme pull may reach 1.5 times the upper value indicated. For example, I already measured exceptionally the Calomil pulling 15 to 20kg continuously, and reach 25kg in the gusts.