WACO 3.6


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Wing load:
3,60 m
1,20 m
1 kg
min. wind:
max wind:
min pull:
max pull:
line angle:
Line used:
50° to 65°
polyester 90kg


As for any Waco, it is easy to mount; there is only the span to fit, and the stretcher to adjust. It sits on the ground, ready to take-off, and thus, it doesn't need an assistant. Its behavior in the wind is very steady and foreseeable. It doesn't do loopings, even in the worst circumstances, and doesn't fall. When the wind lessen, there is a break point where it drops, and it glides downward, keeping the line taut, allowing to keep it in the air when rewinding the line. It is an excellent flyer and carrier. As the Waco 3.0, the Waco 3.6 responds quickly when the kiter pulls or releases the line.


Its stability for kaping is fairly good. It has enough sail area to provide enough pull from 4 m/s. This was for me the reason to built a kite larger than the Waco 3.0. It  has the same wide wind range and flies easily in unsteady winds, persistently varying between 3 Beaufort and 4 Beaufort up to 5 Beaufort. Of course, in a steady wind, it will be anchored in the sky. The bow is natural when wind blows over 6 m/s and the tensioner maintains it and add stability in lower wind speed. Note also that the cells are designed to follow this bow. Few kites have such advantage.