WACO 4.5


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Wing load:
4,5 m
1,4 m
min. wind:
max wind:
min pull:
max pull:
Line angle:
Line used:
3,5 m/s
8 m/s
1.5 kg
20 kg
50° to 60° 
polyamid 120kg


After the success of the Waco 3.0, I looked for a kite which let me to operate easily in winds force 3 momentary 4 when the Crico 3.6 is too fragile and pull too much, and the Waco 3.0 and the crico 2.4 can hardly lift the rig. In fact, the Waco 4.5 is often too powerful, and I use it more as a Koïnoboris carrier.


When taking-off, the Waco gives an heaviness sensation, and it should be given a straightforward impulse. In reality, in the wind, it eases, and its fly in the local breezes near the ground is superb and stable. Its behavior mainly depends on the constitution and flexibility of the span bar. It is a good flyer.