The kite

If you don't have one, buy a Rokkaku 1,5 to 2 meters high in a kite shop.

If you already have a kite, check its ability to lift a payload 0,5 to 1 Kg.

If you prefer to make a kite, choose the Rokkaku, or the Waco.

Reels and accessories

Don't forget that a good reel is necessary, with some line. Have a line 70 or 90 Kg resistance of polyester or polyamid material. A 300m length will be fine.

The necessary accessories are a leather pair of gloves , and a gamma hook.



  The rig
Go to the page "goldcrest" and built this very easy rig, which orientations are set manually.
The camera
A cheap digital camera with fix lens, 2 or 3 megapixels, will let shot pictures and check forthwith the correct orientation.
Shutter release
Without any doubt, the electric shutter release with a radio-command is the most simple solution, and the most efficient. See the page "house bell" for a cheap radio-command. The time spent to modify and prepare the camera and the radio will be largely compensated thereafter on the field and to built new arrangements of cradles and cameras.
For improvement:
Mount a video feed-back

On the la base of the simple rig, with the digital camera, the installation of a video sender is very easy because it is directly connected on the "video out" plug of the digital camera. Sender and receiver are purchased in electronic shops.

Of course, an electronic screen is necessary to see the image. I prefer, and I recommend a camcorder viewer. First because it is an easy use in the sun light. Then because the battery consumption is lesser. And last, because recovery of an unused or out of order camcorder is a no-waste action. Moreover, it is much cheaper!


Which abilities?

Page after page of this site, all technical details necessary for the good achievement of your project will be revealed.

For the rig, it is nothing else than saw, drill, mount parts, and have some care to bring.

To modify the cameras, mount the radio-command, etc... a 30W soldering iron is necessary, and ability to use it correctly. This technique is easily learnt. Other tools are small screw-drivers, flat pliers, cutting pliers, etc, which are common tools for models activity.