From the "sparrow" cradle, I wished to simplify the fabrication, whilst preserving its characteristics. The target was to have at disposal a model with very easy construction by a group, for a kap workshop, or by a beginner, alone at home. It is precisely after a kap workshop with Planete-Sciences in Rennes that I felt the need for such a rig. Moreover, its cost is really low!
It suits to any P&S camera; it is designed to hold 500g.
Its concept allows to set manually any orientation and any frame of the camera.
With electrical shutter release, this rig is a good tool. On the picture, the release system is a "wireless gate bell" modified, range 150 to 200m (cost 7 euros).
The emitter is the small white box on the right side.
The rig weights 120g with this radio shutter release receiver .
380g with Olympus Infinity, and 36 exposure film.
330g with Olympus µ2 or Epic, and 36 exposure film.
All details for construction
My hint is to add a mini video camera and a video transmitter. For 150g more, it is then a very efficient tool.
Such a rig will provide better results than a more sophisticated rig, with all the remote control orientations, but without video feedback. Its construction will also be much more easy.
On the hereunder pictures, the rig is equipped with a receiver RC 41MHz A with a shutter release RC switch D of A mini video camera cmos C and a mini video transmitter E let to check the framing. The whole is fed with a Li-Ion 900mAh, 12V battery B. A voltage regulator L7806 F provides 6V for the RC receiver.
This rig under way with the camera weights less than 450g.